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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Globo-Travel: Globo News to release its own airline!

Get your tickets, pack your bags and prepare for a flight like no other, because Globo-Air is here! The Globo News corporation has once again expanded its horizons, and now you'll have the opportunity to fly in the largest and most luxurious passenger aircraft to date!

Last week, production was completed on the first model of the Globo-Air plane. The first flight is scheduled for 1st July as our engineers make final checks and install in-flight features. The plane will take off from New York and arrive in Southampton.

The jet is the largest of its kind and seats a staggering 755 passengers! This kind of capacity doesn't mean you're left with no leg room, as the Globo-Air jet seeks to take comfort to new levels. Wide-reaching television and radio access allows passengers to choose from over 600 channels. No Globo experience would be complete without the God-given right of HDTV, which is precisely what you'll find buried in each cosy, reclining seat in the form of a 16-inch screen. Other comforts available include DVD players and burners, Bluetooth, Internet access, instant messaging, online gaming consoles, exclusive in-flight blogging facilities, feet warmers, automated manicuring facilities, and our patented "Sleep Easy" gas-induced sleeping system.

Several analysts, engineers and competing airlines have expressed doubt as to whether the jet would be within carrying capacity with 755 passengers, and speculate that many of the safety systems common to aircraft design are "simply not present". Of course, this is unwarranted, baseless rumour, and Globo-Air is fighting back with lawsuits across the board. Globo-Air is currently producing a further 100 jets, and plans to expand in the future with a Globo News airport.


Best friends forever... not!

During the first three seasons of The Simple Life, pampered socialites Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie seemed to share everything ‑- beauty tips, clothes, a brain. The clueless cutups amused us and amassed a huge following. Just when we thought they'd start sporting those best friends pendants (from Tiffany or somewhere très chic, of course), Paris dropped a bomb in a statement: "It's no big secret that Nicole and I are no longer friends. Nicole knows what she did, and that's all I'm ever going to say about it." Dra-ma! Insiders whispered that Paris was peeved Nic screened the hotel heiress's One Night in Paris porn tape for friends, but Nicole never revealed any details as to why their friendship went south.

Here's the kicker: While you or we would just avoid said friend (like the plague!), Paris and Nicole are contractually obligated to film a fourth season of The Simple Life. Fox has a final season of the show in the works, focusing on the big splashy weddings that both newly engaged divas are planning. And to add fuel to the fire, the girls have competing movies coming out on the very same weekend in November. Needless to say, this bitter feud is just going to grow stronger in the coming months. So join our debate and tell us which camp you're in and why. Are you on Nicole's side? Pulling for Paris? Would you like to see them reconcile? Who do you think is the guilty party? Spill it.

Taken from:,,81tw45qx,00.html


We at GLOBO WORLD have designed a BLOGGING SITE to suite your needs. We value your opinion and that is why we have created the opportunity for you to interact directly with us. We have provided the multimedia world at your fingertips so START BLOGGING!

Group 1
As a group we decided to come up with a name for a large media organization so that the audience can associate any aspect of media and society with out large brand. Taking over the world is definitely on the agenda… Our blogging strategy is as follows:

Our international site, GLOBO WORLD, provides links to the blogging site which contains articles that prompt the audience to interact with us as an enormous multimedia organization.

The site branches into a local and international blogging site with divided categories for easy accessibility. The categories are mostly media orientated but we came to realize that as a global media organization we would need to have access to many more elements of society. The basic media categories are;
· GLOBOfilm
· GLOBOtelevision
· GLOBOprint
· GLOBOnewsonline
· GLOBOpublishing
The categories would ideally be further separated to allow for various age sensitive blog sites, a search engine and perhaps email facilities.

Globo-Tech: Clash of the Titans - Yahoo and EBay team up for advertising partnership


It's on! Yahoo and Ebay have recently announced plans to form a multiyear advertising partnership. The two companies plan to integrate their services into one another. Yahoo will include its search technology and graphic ads in EBay's online auctioning service. In turn, EBay's toolbar will be rebranded in accordance with Yahoo.

Our own search engine 'Search the Globo' has yet to take a postition in this highly contested battle, but increasing share holdings in Google may be a sign of which side of the fence we sit on. However, the share value of Yahoo and Ebay have been increasing at a monstrous rate, and show no signs of slowing down at this point. Nevertheless, Google has aggressive plans to counter the rising success of these companies, and may have a few backing companies up its sleeve.

What can we say but stay tuned to outcome of this raging power struggle. Then again, you already know who's going to come out on top: Whichever side we're on.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Globo-Reviews: Magic of the Peppers

A lot of bands will come out of their hazy drugged up phase with a new age, and quite frankly, stale sound. The Red Hot Chili Peppers on the other hand have come out with an album in Stadium Arcadium which leaves you smiling from start to finish.

The album feels less of a step forward and more of a summary of
their work over the years. Anthony Kiedes drops rhymes in this funk laden album which haven't been heard since their work on Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I say funk laden as this album definitely falls back into the genre that Kiedes and the crew set the bench mark for. Funk Rock Rap, whatever you want to call it, the album reminds you of everything the Chili Peppers are.

It would be easy to fall into a rut after coming off the back of their least funky album, By The Way, but the Chili Peppers up their game and produce a double album which stands proudly with others of great success. Stadium Arcadium is an album which doesn't dissapoint, every song seems to bring you back to a time in the Chili Peppers career without leaving you feeling bored. The album will be one which will find itself in my car for a good many months, heck I'd understand if someone broke in to my car and stole only this gem of an album. Perhaps not perfect, lacking in certain aspects, but close enough for me!

Songs to download from Globo Music Central: Dani California, Charlie.
7.5 / 10


Globo-Sports: World Cup Predictions

Wednesday saw the culmination of the European Champions league, a tournament which showcases some of the best talent that football has to offer. Barcelona managed to come out tops against English side Arsenal, putting just a few of the tournaments incredible talents in the spotlight.

Thierry Henry, considered by many to be one of the greatest football players ever, provided us with an insight into the brilliance he will be bringing to the French team in the tournament. His speed and agility matched with his pin point shooting left defenders in his wake, this is definitely a player to watch in the World Cup.

Of course these days we can't go through an article about football without mentioning the two time player of the year, Ronaldinho. Commentators over at Globo Sports Network couldn't keep this name off their tongues as the Brazilian skipped and danced his way into the final. Brazil will be counting on him to display his amazing talent to keep them in a class above most of their opponents.

Only two teams can make it to a final yet this doesn't mean the talent stops there. Germany's Micheal Ballack saw out his last games for Bayern Munich in the tournament as he is off to Chelsea next season. Bad news for Bayern as this is a player who's presence on the field is always bound to leave a bad taste in the mouths of his opponents. Cutting precision and devastating power mark him as a player which is going to make sure Germany are contenders for the esteemed World Cup, of course as they are hosting the tournament we can expect them to be strong contenders all the way to the end.

A lot of other networks might tip the dancing Brazillians or the determined English to take the Cup this year but over at Globo Sports Network we have a different idea. Our money this year is on the Germans to take the cup in their home country. With a whole crowd of fighting German fans behind them we see them crushing teams in their intensity. You heard it here first, if of course you doubt us then let us know.


Globo-Travel: Greetings from Hamburg

Our reporter Lizzy Abrahams is travelling to the nicest destinations in the world to bring you, dear Globo News reader, travelling tips and interesting tourism information.

Finally in Germany! After the exhausting twelve- hour- flight from Cape Town I reached Hamburg on a beautiful, sunny morning three days ago. The final preparations for the soccer World Cup are under way, and the city of eight million is vibrant in the wake of the grand event to come.

Germany is a beautiful travelling destination in winter as well as summer, and in this twelth- century city high up in the north, tourists can explore exciting nightlife and bautiful historical sites alike. Explore its impressive churches , visit the Hamburg State Opera and do not miss out on a night at the Reeperbahn.

Absoulute Must! Two- day programme for Hamburg

Day 1

Morning: Have an early start and visit the St. Michaelis church at Rathausmarkt. Hamburg's oldest church has been built in 1194 and stuns with its catacombs and a beautiful view from its high tower.

Lunch: Take the subway to Landungsbruecken for an unforgettable meal! The many restaurants at the harbour offer some of the finest fish in Germany, fresh from the 'Nordsee'. Whynot try some homemade Kabeljou or Herring at the "Fischstueberl, Landungsbruecken 14?
(Mains: from 15 Euros, Desserts and Starters from 7 Euros)

Dinner: Visit Hamburg's State Opera (subway to Gaensemarkt) and enjoy an unforgettable night of music. Tickets are available at from 30Euros.

Day Two

Morning: Breakfast at the Fischmarkt from 5 to 9 every day. The large market sports next to live- bands, curiosities and fresh fish also the clothing lines from young local designers. Don't miss out!

Lunch: Take a boatcruise over the Aussenalster and view many historical sites such as its oldest quarters. Listen to the old stories about Klaus Stoertebecker (one of Europe's most feared pirate who originated from Hamburg) and settle on the outer deck for some wine.

Dinner: A night out in the town! Hamburg's well known red district , the Reeperbahn, offers the finest cocktail bars and clubs in in Hamburg. Settle for a good Bloody Mary at "Kaffee Kaese" (Reeperbahn 122), the move on the the renowned "Kaiserkeller" (Grosse Freiheit 78, just off Reeperbahn) to dance all night.

I hope you will enjouy your stay in this beautiful city!

Lizzy's rating: 9 / 10

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Editorial: A Sad Goodbye

Globo News is sad to announce the death of our Iraq- correspondent Mahmoud Arabir. Our deepest condolescences go to his family and friends. Having served for ten years as a reporter for the 'Globo Times' Newspaper as well as for 'Globo Channel 5', Arabir died in the suicide bombing of a bus in Baghdad on Sunday, 21st may. The bombing, which claimed the lifes of ten, has been condemned by the government.

Mahmoud Arabir, 39, leaves behind his wife and their three daughters.

Our deepest sympathy from the entire staff.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Nadolny

Monday, May 22, 2006

International: Baghdad - Blair visits Iraq to support its new Prime Minister

Prime Minister Tony Blair flew into Baghdad on Monday to lend his support to the new Iraqi leadership as it begins the task of trying to restore security and stem the slide toward civil war.
Blair, who arrived by helicopter in the fortified Green Zone for a meeting with his Iraqi counterpart, Nouri al-Maliki. The two were expected to hold a joint news conference later Monday.
Blair, the first world leader to visit Iraq since its new government was inaugurated Saturday, said last weekend that coalition soldiers hope to transfer their duties to Iraqis as soon as possible, but that British troops would remain here for as long as they are needed.
But Blair, whose country about 8,000 service members in Iraq, also said that al-Maliki has told the coalition that he wants to see Iraq in control of its own destiny.
Like U.S. President George W. Bush, who has a 132,000-strong military contingent in Iraq, Blair has seen his public support fall at home because of opposition to the Iraq war.
Blair, who has served as Britain's prime minister since 1997, has said he will not compete in his country's next general election slated for 2010, but some members of his own Labour Party recently urged him to set a timetable for his departure now.
Earlier this month, Labour suffered a big setback in local council elections in Britain, winning 26 percent of the vote compared to the 40 percent for the opposition Conservative Party, and anti-war sentiment in Britain appeared to be one reason for the poor showing.
Stung by the election defeat, Blair shuffled his Cabinet and fired Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who had expressed doubts about the Iraq war to his boss.
Britons also were shocked to see that when a British military helicopter crashed in the southern city of Basra on May 6, jubilant Iraqis pelted British troops with stones, hurled firebombs and shouted slogans in support of a radical Shiite Muslim cleric.
The crash -- the helicopter apparently was shot down -- killed four British crewmen, and four Iraqi adults and a child reportedly died during the ensuing melee when Shiite gunmen exchanged fire with British soldiers who hurried to the scene. About 30 Iraqi civilians were wounded.
The chaotic scene, shown on TV around the world, indicated again that even though Basra, where most British forces are based, is far less violent than the rest of Iraq it is by no means peaceful or friendly to coalition forces.
The helicopter crash brought to 108 the number of British service members who have died since the Iraq war began more than three years ago.
But Blair, whose been criticized at home for close ties with Bush, has shown no sign of backing down in the Iraq war.
On Sunday, his new foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, joined him in saying that the new Iraqi government won't necessarily lead to a quick withdrawal of British troops.
"British troops will stay there, and the coalition troops will stay there, while there is a job that needs to be done," Beckett told the British Broadcasting Corp. "We are making some progress in both training and putting into place an Iraqi army, Iraqi police force, who will gradually, increasingly, take over some of these responsibilities."

Editorial: From Durban with Love

Dear Reader,

What a week! On Saturday, 15th may, Globo News celebrated its birthday in the Hilton Inn in Durban. Local stars like Danny K, Minki van der Westhuizen and rugby- aces Bryan Habana and Fourie DuPrez joined us for the long night of music, food and drinks.

The three lucky winners of our Hilton Competition in our 'Globo Times' magazine also joined us in the evening, before enjoying their three- day stay in the Durban Hilton.
We hope you have a wonderful stay!

As for the rest of you, you can stand a chance of winning a trip to Dubai this week. Simply sms the answer to this week's question to 085569:

How long has Globo News Incorporated been active in South Africa?

Till then,
Sophie Nadolny


Editorial: 75 Years of Globo News!

Dear reader,

I would like to thank you for your great support in the name of Globo New's entire staff. We are proud to look back on 75 years of the world's finest news reporting.
Considering how small Globo News started out in South Africa decades ago, we are now happy to say that with our extensive range of TV stations, newspapers, magazines, publishing labels and, of course, our music label 'GloboRock', we have managed to change the face of South Africa's media in the course of time.

Globo News is also proud to announce that our share prices have risen by 15.9% in 2005, heightening the networth of Globo News Inc. by an estimated 20 billion Rand.

Nothing of this would have been possible without your support.
Cheers to the next 75 years of Globo News!

Kind regards,
Sophie Nadolny


Friday, May 19, 2006

Globo-Entertainment: Noeleen to pose in Playboy magazine?

Noeleen Misanga, host of the talkshow "Talking to Noeleen" on SATC 13, appears to have received an offer by men's magazine Playboy to bare it all.
According to Globo News sources, the voluptious South African was approached by one of her american showguests last week and has received an offer of 100 000Rand to do the deed.

Hugh Hefner, apparently complaining about the lack of voluptious, dark women in his magazine, has found the idea of Noeleen in his magazine quite stimulating.

So far, Globo News has not received comments from Mrs Misanga, but she might give a press conference early next week to comment on the rumours.


Globo-Publishing: Finally! The "Globo News Guide to Modern Conspiracies" now available nationwide!

We all knew there was something true about the signs in the crop fields. And who has really prooven that Elvis is dead? That the Illuminati rule the world has been an open secret for ages, and as children have known all along, Santa Claus does exist.

So, here is finally the proof to all those theories we have always known to be true. The "Globo News Guide to Modern Conspiracies" deals with all the cover- ups that aliens have made us believe over the past centuries. Carefully researched by scientists worldwide, Globo News is proud to present the book that will explain everything we have wondered about.

Forget the Evolution Theory, Adam and Eve really were the first people around. And yes, we finally have the answer to the greatest question of all:

Michael Jackson is indeed from another planet.

Order now! Special price of only 299,00 Rand!


Local: Mbeki slams violent strikes

"Wrong, wrong, wrong!"
President Thabo Mbeki condemns the nasty, violent strikes of protesting security workers in the country.

Adressing the National Assembly, Thabo Mbeki said: "Absolutely nothing entitles anybody, whatever the circumstances, to engage in the violence that we have seen."

However, he ruled out declaring a State of Emergency. Parliament was virtually placed under siege on Tuesday as thousands of violent strikers marched through Cape Town, breaking shop windows and vandalizing cars in their wake.

Although Mbeki stated in an address to Parliament that " it is important to activate citizens to stand up for their rights", he acknowledged that action had to be taken against the violent actions of the strikers: "If we allow this violence to continue, we will have anarchy in the country."

For Thabo Mbeki, it is important to spread the message of democracy and non- violent means of protests in South Africa. He indicated that the South African security force will take actions against the violence.


Globo-Entertainment: Angelina about to pop - will it be a girl?!

Sultry actress Angelina Jolie ("Mr. and Mrs. Smith", "Tomb Raider") is expecting her baby with actor Brad Pitt any minute now.

Before leaving with almost- hubby Brad and her two adopted children for Africa, Angelina was spotted shopping pink baby clothing in L.A.

However, she did not confirm the sex of her child yet- in fact, she is still in self- denial about her pregnancy! According to reports, Angelina never thought that she would have children on her own. Busy working on a rainbow- family from all over the show, she admitted in an interview: " I have this funny thing of like I can't quite believe I'm pregnant".

However, her enourmous belly should tell her otherwise.

Globo News will keep track for you - we have the juiciest, most embarassing, absolutely scandalous and cellulite- ridden stories FIRST!